My first time squirting. Too exciting!

My First Squirting Experience

I had heard a lot about squirting, I even saw several videos and read erotic stories in which the girls said how they came to achieve that. I even came to finish once in a way that made the bed a little wet, but for a squirt I was missing a lot.

Normally when I do it with my boyfriend he makes love to me, but lately we have fucked in a way that I like to be treated as his submissive. I like to tell him that I am his whore because I know that it turns him on even more, and I like to be when I am with him, but lately I have gotten the idea of ​​doing a squirt, but I had not reached that point. When I do it with my boyfriend, I finish several times and ask him to stop because I really wanted to pee, but now I understand that it is not that.

The day I decided to do a squirt was for several things, one of them was why I read an erotic story that turned me on a lot.

Leaving the gym my boyfriend and I stayed to see, by the time he arrived I already had my pants and shorts down, I was just waiting for him to come and put it on. Before he got so excited that I was, I started to put my fingers and at that moment a transparent liquid ran from my legs that came out of my vagina, at that moment I was already very wet.

When he arrived he asked me to suck it and from there he put it in very delicious. I could not stop moaning and I was more excited when he ordered me not to make noise, but it was something that I could not contain, with my hands I covered my mouth to avoid making so much noise because they could hear us. For a few moments, I thought I would end up squirting, but where we were I couldn’t do it. I asked him to stop, but he didn’t.

I felt soaked and very hot; he ended up inside me and I really enjoyed it. I put on clothes and left with his rich milk between my legs, which turned me even more on the way home.

At that time I decided to do whatever was necessary to achieve a squirt, I used a dildo and a vibrator. First I started by touching myself and inserting my fingers into my vagina, at that time I was already very wet. Touching me, I could only think about what an hour ago I felt with my boyfriend when she fucked me. After touching me, I put the dildo in my vagina and ran the vibrator through my clitoris, I was so turned on that I started to move in an uncontrollable way. I placed the dildo in a fixed place so that it was my hip movements that controlled the penetration and not my hand, (it is worth mentioning that my dildo is 20cm and normally only introduced about 13cm maximum) but with how excited I was I started to move in a very crazy way and with each movement I got to the moment when I started to feel like peeing.

This time I was not going to stop, with my fingers I stimulated my “g” point, and when I felt that I was about to finish I put the dildo again but this time I put almost everything. I was moving it at a very high speed, until finally I felt a very rich and different sensation, which I can only describe saying that I ended up wetting the entire wall. The dildo was expelled by all the juices so delicious that ran from my vagina, obviously I tried the flavor of those juices and I can tell you that I loved it. I was amazed at how rich I finished and was proud to get to that point. Free Porn Videos Tube @ Pornacho.Com

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