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I was just thinking about continuing to open and close my legs.

The heat on my face was rising, I was blushing. My skin was getting hotter and hotter.

Will I be getting sick?

I touch my vulva and it’s very sensitive. I pass my fingers over my white underwear which has a huge stain of moisture. I usually stain it with uine, this is more viscous.

“Aaah,” it escapes my lips.

I just want to continue to move my fingers over my crotch.

My breasts are hard like when I’m cold.

And an electricity passes through my hands and feet until it reaches my pussy. It throbs and is swollen.

I don’t take my hand away from my crotch.

I don’t know what happened. I just want to feel it again.

That was the first time after seeing my dad naked with his populated belly of hair, his fat and huge member hanging.

It’s been a while since that first time when I played with my sex for the first time. How much everything has changed with my experiences.

After finally doing it with my beloved brother, and going weeks without separating myself from his bed. We did it in the kitchen, Dad’s room, and anywhere in the house. However, nothing compares at once we did it in the park with parents walking their children meters from us hidden behind the trees.

In this house I just need to catch dad. My dad.

My daddy that man who works hours and hours in his office. Who cares about my grades now that I’m in virtual classes.

Last week he finished with his girlfriend of two years. She, Erika had come the time to go through her menopause.

And I’ve seen my daddy hanging out with each other lately, drinking with his friends. Trying to regain some fun to life.

Today Thursday, August 05, 2021. I wrote this in my journal in the early hours of the morning before executing my plan. I’m fucking my dad.

I saw him get up early, so I ran to the kitchen and in my underwear: One from a slappy cat named Garfield.

Each of my buttocks fills the cheeks of the cat that ends with his mouth on my hungry.

I like to think that it is normal to feel so much sexual appetite, if men knew when they see me on the street, in the mall and in church.

The kind of pervert I am would not hesitate to catch me, fuck me, give me hard at that very moment no matter who I see.

An act of charity, you could say, they would just be sharing their sex with me, I don’t refuse.

Too bad living is a society with so many taboos limit me a little.

The steaming coffee on the table was starting to warm my nipples that were already forming like those of a whole woman.

“Good morning princess,” she said as she walked out with that freshly bathed man’s chest and belly! I love the smell and texture of their skin.

“Good morning Daddy! “I say taking a leap as a child who gets caught doing a mischief, it must be a mischief to want to be fucked by my own father.

My perches jump along with me, bouncing again and again. I realize he already knows what I’m looking for. Something almost animal.

Like a predator in the savannas looking at a young and formed gazelle, hot.

Don Tomas. You take it for friends, but, I call it Dad. He approaches and places a hand on my buttocks.

I spread some jam on a loaf of bread, and put it in my mouth, sweetening my fleshy lips.

“Where is Juan?” “You ask without taking my hand off my fat hips.

“He slept in his girlfriend’s house. You must be tired of so much fun.

Smile. In the play the curtains fall when the show ends but here the towel that covered my father’s shame touched the floor starting it.

Her fat and semi-hairy semi-erect called me.

I get on my knees and groan: Daddy how nice!

Running my tongue through his testicles.

I put it in my mouth, it tastes like oatmeal soap. I love it. It increases and throbs.

All my wet pussy takes me to that first time I masturbate thinking about this penis.

Now it’s all mine.

Don Tomas holds my hands and then grabs my thighs that his strong hand holds and places me on the table. My inner rhode is wet, soaked.

I place my hands on the mahogany wood and roll around my man’s waist. Take off my underwear and watch as my swollen makes the cat covering my sex smile.

Calling him to fuck me.

He pushes my thighs wider watching his cock pierce me. His skin is warm despite finishing bathing and I lean forward to lick his arm. To feel his member make his way in my dampness was the glory.

“So Dad give me hard, Yes, yes. More, aaah.

“Muérdeme,” growls. I turn my head and take a good part of the meat from his forearm and bite hard.

I feel his cock shake inside me. Who would have thought my dad liked pain?

“Yes daddy,” I say, pushing my hips towards him.

, he says, pushing so hard that the coffee spills on the table, the liquid drips on the floor.

When he touches my breast and feels how excited I am, that makes him push even harder.

Very few men move with such mastery, usually they just put it in and come.

“Oh God,” I say, making my cries climb higher and higher. Dad changes the pace, backs up until he almost completely gets out and goes back in. Outside, inside, outside…

… and then I come so hard that I almost fainted. I think I stop breathing because I see stars and my lips stick to my teeth when my mouth opens into a perfect O. He slows down the pace and fucks me through it, and I wonder how it feels to have my tight pussy so tight on his cock.

“That’s it,” he murmurs. That’s it, princess.

The two sweaty, wet in sex. I’ve finally tried his verga and I loved it, I want more.

I fucked my dad. The man who accompanied me to the park, who gave me hugs and bathed me.

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