bitcoin-revolution-logo1Bitcoin Revolution is the latest cryptocurrency software that allows novices and pro traders to familiarize themselves with the world of online commerce and profit from potential profits. The program acts regardless of the user’s background, knowledge or experience.

The software was designed so that traders from all sectors can benefit from it. Many people are interested in Internet options trading, but are unsure whether or not it is worthwhile. Who can not judge exactly, whether the entry is the right thing and whether it is the Bitcoin revolution is fraud, should read our review of the topic. We have carried out an extensive Bitcoin Revolution test and want to present our results below.

Our conclusion in advance: If you want to make a lot of money with Bitcoin, you are exactly right with Bitcoin Revolution!

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The facts at a glance

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Free demo account
  • Payment around the clock
  • High return possible

If you read through these facts, you will inevitably wonder if the Bitcoin Revolution is a fraud, or if it creates a reputable platform for serious trading. After all, it would not be the first set of dubious Internet providers who have set themselves the goal of ripping off bona fide users. For this reason, we want to dissolve the mystery of the Bitcoin Revolution and purify the air around the promising portal.

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Bitcoin Revolution: A Secure Software?

Anyone who plays with the idea of trying out the Bitcoin Revolution, has already asked the question of whether this is a reputable provider. This question should at least concern all global investors. And we can answer them with a short confirmation. The detailed answer involves the fact that all brokers integrated in the system are real. The task of these brokers is to ensure the security of the funds paid in and to ensure that all deposits and withdrawals are made smoothly. It is also their job to ensure that all data provided is well encrypted and protected against misuse.

This is how the software works

The Bitcoin Revolution is a platform on the Internet, which has been equipped with an algorithm-based software. This software makes it possible to scan the course of each course and to analyze it. The program was designed so that not only advanced traders benefit from it. The easy-to-use interface also allows beginners the easy and easy to understand entry. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must first register in order to use the system. Once done, the user can literally sit back and relax. Because the software acts fully automatically on request.


With the click of a mouse, every interested party has the opportunity to accumulate an amazing amount of capital. And without bending. After all, the high popularity of the software is due to the fact that the user himself hardly has to make any effort. The software is able to speculate on the stock market independently, observes the market developments and explores opportunities for investments.

To provide its users with an almost 100 percent chance of winning, the software accesses extensive databases and works with modern algorithms. Every interested party uses the software via a platform provided by the provider. With a single click of the mouse, it is possible to scan the price progressions and analyze them. If desired. Because if the user decides to set the trades manually, this can easily intervene in the automatism. If you want to have the software done, just watch how the Bitcoin Revolution independently assesses courses.

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The opening of the account: It’s so easy!

To fully benefit from the Bitcoin revolution, every merchant needs access to the program. For this purpose, only one account will be opened on the platform. You simply visit the website of the provider and navigate to the small online form in which the first name, name and email address is entered. Just below is a button labeled “Join Now”.

Clicking on this button forwards the user to the next page, where a valid phone number is requested. This field is optional, not a mandatory field. Voluntary phone numbers are only used by the support team if they have reason to contact the user. On this page, the user also sets a password. This is important to log into the account again and again. If the password is still forgotten, this is not a problem, because you can easily generate a new password by clicking on the “Forgot password” button. To complete the process of registration, the terms and conditions must still be accepted.

Note: If the corresponding checkbox is not checked, a successful registration is not possible.

The registration is completed by clicking on “continue”, which sends an automatically generated email to the email address specified by the user in the web mask. In this email, the user will find a link, which he clicks for verification and confirms his account setup. Now the user has the opportunity to make his deposit. In the Bitcoin Revolution there is a small green field in the upper right corner, where the user simply clicks on it. By clicking on this button, the desired capital is stored.

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logo The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam
☑ High profitability of 88%
☑ Fast & easy payout
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Note: The minimum deposit is only 250 EUR!

To trigger the deposit, a redirect to the best broker for your area takes place. It is a renowned broker who cooperates with the Bitcoin Revolution. Now the user has the opportunity to deposit his desired amount in the Bitcoin Revolution. Once this is done, the first trade can be placed. On the next page further personal data are entered.

Here you can also specify the desired payment method. In the Bitcoin Revolution, users can pay by credit card or bank transfer. Forwarding completes the process. At this point the user also has the possibility to activate the auto-trading. The program acts independently and the user has nothing more to do than watch the action. If desired.


Once the account is created, it can start trading already. In order to trade in the Bitcoin Revolution, the user will either use part or all of the deposited amount. Once this is done, the Bitcoin Revolution algorithm calculates the user’s chances of winning. With this automated process, the trader no longer needs to do research to predict the price. If desired, the Bitcoin Revolution independently performs all analyzes and evaluations, as well as the buying and selling of bitcoins.

The technology used to develop the Bitcoin Revolution is patented and proprietary. This technology has ultimately helped to develop a system that is always one step ahead of the market. The lightning-fast calculations are made possible by laser-sharp algorithms. Even during the calculation, the Bitcoin Revolution recognizes the results of trade and investment.

The name Bitcoin Revolution is therefore no coincidence, because the revolutionary technology has led to the creation of a software that can act almost flawlessly. There are even reports that show that there were days when there was no loss. Average accuracy was close to 99 percent on these trading days.

Customer Support

From our Bitcoin Revolution experience, we can say that the support is not only friendly and competent, but also very reliable. The support team is available around the clock and can be contacted in all matters relating to the program. The support can be contacted by email. Who does not want to wait so long for the answer, uses the best of the live chat, which is also available 24/7. Here, no user needs to hesitate if he wants to make a deposit or withdrawal and this requires professional advice.

Our Conclusion

The Bitcoin Revolution is not scams. Rather, the program provides an innovative way to generate lucrative income by the way. Unauthorized, the provider is often criticized, but this can be attributed to ignorance. In relevant journals you can always read about how it is actually ordered to trade in bitcoins.

Our Bitcoin Trading Test showed that it is an easy-to-use software that allows both untrained and professional investors to make substantial profits

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