A dream come true on a curious spring afternoon

It was the spring of 1977 and everything seemed to be going well. In fact everything was going well for me. He had finished his military service and was in his early twenties. I studied electronics, which I was passionate about, with books that I bought here and there, and the knowledge acquired allowed me to work in a repair shop and sell electronic equipment when they were still being repaired, and also to do my own little steps without going through the workshop, which increased my income.

To complement, he made waiter extras on weekends and as a whole everything went smoothly as they say. I could indulge in certain whims and satisfy some hobbies that might seem strange to many people, such as astronomy, which requires relatively expensive equipment, and thanks to my work and my extra work shenanigans, I always had my own telescope without resorting to family finances that on the other hand was ruled out, especially to buy a telescope for me.

My knowledge of electronics, and through the workshop where I worked, led me to contact a company that was settling in the city, which would make use of audio and video equipment and would require technicians for its installation and maintenance.

It was a betting and gambling room, which apparently was working well in Valencia and other cities and we were commissioned to purchase and install all the electronics in the shortest possible time, so we got down to the play.

A technician from the company where I worked and I installed all this equipment, and we took care of the maintenance.

While we installed the video cameras, the monitors, and the microphones that would be used for the normal operation of the room, we saw the girls who would form the hostess team, how they practiced and trained in the use of the machines. Some were from this locality, and others came directly from Valencia, from another room, and were the ones that would teach the people here the ins and outs of the game for its normal operation. The most responsible employees were all from Valencia, as well as the manager and other senior positions.

I, who as I said was in my early twenties, could not help but look especially at the girls, how they put a sweet voice to sing the bets and how they practiced dealing with future clients. The hostess team were 9 girls and two men and a little older, apart from the management.

Logically, it was the girls that interested me most and liked to see and hear. They had a sweet and melodious voice and practiced to make it so, and in general they were quite beautiful and always had makeup and impeccable.

Immediately I noticed one of them that stood out above the others. And it stood out because it was simply beautiful. She was not very tall but her figure was perfect. She had light brown, almost blonde hair, and she almost always wore it up in a ponytail. When she let it loose, she had that little hair that is known as “Egyptian”, and that reaches right to her shoulders. Her blue eyes, with a sweet and slightly mischievous look, and when she painted them, enhanced her beauty even more. Nose, small and slightly upturned, with a freckle, typically feminine. But the most beautiful thing was her mouth. She had perfect lips. Pink and fleshy, with the corners pointing slightly upward even when she was serious. Sometimes she wore a very slight touch of “glossy”, that shine so beautiful and sensual, and how well it suited her. When he smiled he revealed snow-white teeth. In short, it was a beautiful face, one of those that you never tire of looking at. At least that’s how it was for me, because I know that beauty is relative, and what some like others don’t like so much, but I loved that girl and I never tired of looking at her, and I find it hard to believe that someone in her healthy Judgment will not be amazed to see that beautiful face.

The first day I saw her she was wearing jeans and a fine-knit white sweater that marked her figure, under which a pair of beautiful and perky breasts could be seen. I even got to fantasize that I was not wearing a bra, that I was not wearing a bra, because it is one thing to hold and quite another to hold.

I did not know her age, but I would not be much more than 20. I hardly knew her name, in fact I did not know everything about her, but I only knew that on the days that she was not there, something broke inside me. It may sound a little cheesy, but that little creature was making an impression on me and was sneaking into my life, and I was just waiting for the moment to go to be near her and see her.

Thus, the days passed. We finished assembling the equipment and the room started working. The technician who had done the editing and I were there in case something happened while the girls evolved around the room, which was overflowing with people.

They were beautiful and elegant, in the black pants uniform, white shirt and green vest. And the one of my sleeplessness was simply to eat it.

There was a cafeteria service, and the waiters served drinks and food to customers.

One night I heard a comment that a backup waiter was missing on weekends such was the influx of people. Immediately a light went on: I did sporadic waiter extras on weekends, and if I managed to get into the betting room it would be a masterpiece, since I would be close to the girl I liked so much, and it would not represent an extra effort for me. I would just have to leave the extras in hotels and make them here, I would also be in the room and if there was a problem with the electronics, they would have the technician on the spot. The plan seemed perfect

I made the comment to the manager and he thought it was a great idea. I know that it is not very professional for a technician to propose to the company that has hired him for maintenance of electronic equipment to work as a waiter on weekends, but they thought it was good and my best. To them, of course, it seemed great because that way they would have the technician instantly in the room, since a breakdown during the session could represent a serious economic setback for the company.

And this is the truth and no other: I started as a waiter in the game room just by being close to the girl I liked. And she of course without knowing it. In fact, she completely ignored me, and we barely greeted each other once or twice in the three weeks we were assembling the equipment.

Little by little, I knew what her name was and I learned about her. I knew she was 23 years old, and the worst: I knew she was married. And she was with a gray man, strange, ugly, with a beard and quite older than her. She did not understand how a guy like that could have liked such a beautiful woman, who could have aspired to something much better. But it was so, and so it was to remain. Much later I knew for myself why she had married that man, but that’s another story

I used to spend Mondays on my waiter duties, but it was the same to be near her and at least be able to see her. She did it on Wednesdays, and it was the worst day of the week for me, because I knew that I should pass the session without seeing her, and although I spent the day with the other girls, it was not the same. Besides, just thinking that I would be with that guy stirred me inside. I say it as I felt it.

When she was there, I tried to serve the tables in her area and from time to time she passed me and gave me a smile and could even touch her, and enjoyed feeling her close and smelling her aroma and perfume. Sometimes, when the session started, she would come freshly showered with her hair still damp, and walking past her was a gift for me. Yes, I admit it, why shouldn’t I? She was caught by that girl. I knew he was married, that he ignored me and that he had no chance. I was angry, but I liked it just the same, and there was nothing I could do to avoid it.

Months went by, I got to know the other girls and I got closer to some more than others and I had some dabbling. Even with one that was from La Cava, and that was also quite beautiful, and although I was older than I had a little thing.

At the end of the work session, the employees went to a bar-restaurant on the road that was open all night. We would regain strength by eating something and chatting about work, incidents of the day, etc. But the girl of my dreams, the one I liked, hardly ever came, and when she did, she would leave immediately, or she would come with her husband, which was even worse.

One day, during a session, he came directly to me and said:

-Hey, I was told you fix televisions, is that true?

-Yes, I answered

-It’s because our house is broken. Could you come and take a look at it?

At that time the pulsations of my heart, which are normally at seventy-two at rest, passed at one hundred at a stroke.

-Yes, of course, I answered Tell me where you live and tomorrow I will.

He told me where he lived and we stayed for an hour. A great joy flooded my interior. God exists!! Now he could get to know her better and be much closer to her. At home with her! Who knows? Maybe alone! It was a dream.

That night I barely slept, and I just waited for the time to go see her.

The next day at the agreed time, showered and groomed, I went home with my Renault 4 and my toolbox. She opened the door for me and led me into the dining room where the broken television was. Call me corny, but all over the house you could smell her perfume, her scent of a beautiful young woman.

She was alone, as her husband was working in a chemical factory. I knew that she worked shifts, from 2 in the afternoon to 10 at night, so she knew that if no one came to disturb her, he would be alone with her. She knew me well, we were coworkers and there was no problem. I even suppose that the husband also knew that I was going to repair the television that afternoon.

But he said he was leaving. He said he had things to do. Let her fix the television and when she finished she slammed the door shut and we’d see each other at work at night.

It was as if a jug of cold water had been poured on me. He left and there I was, alone, in front of the broken television and sunk in misery. The only thing I could think of was to prolong the repair of the breakdown to see if she would return before finishing.

The television was in black and white, and like almost all of the time, it worked with vacuum valves, although there were already transistors, although much more expensive, and the only thing that happened was that one of the pins on the Current grinding machine, an AZ3, had been sulphated and was not making contact in the socket. This caused no current to reach the rest of the apparatus and the television therefore did not work at all. I saw it right away, so the breakdown would be resolved in five minutes, but I cleaned the socket; each and every socket. I scraped the pins of all the thermionic valves one by one. I checked everything verifiable, I even cleaned the TV cabinet waiting for her to come back.

It was a little over an hour since he had left when my patience was rewarded and I heard the door lock. I lied to him, but for a good cause. I told him that the breakdown was complicated and that he still had to do some welding and checking. Whatever it was for being alone with her for a while.

Close up it was even more beautiful. She had a pretty face with balls, slightly made up, with a slight touch of “glossy” on the lips. She wore a denim skirt, a striped sweater, and white ballerinas.

We were talking about work, about the other girls, about the Maastricht treaty and other trivia, until I realized it had to end and I started to close the TV lid.

-How much do I owe you? I ask

-Nothing, I answered self-sufficient.

We are partners, right? I have not put any material. I have only reviewed a few welds although it was difficult for me to find the fault. Lie

He was insisting that I charge him something but I didn’t want to charge him anything. What I really wanted was for her to drop into my arms so I could eat her right there, although this, of course, was just my own thoughts …

Upon entering, he was fiddling around the kitchen and had turned on a radio, and from the dining room you could hear the music and the comments of the radio announcers.

The archangel Saint Gabriel, or someone above took pity on me and threw me a cable, because a song from the Aquarius group, fashionable at the time titled, “That’s love” was playing on the radio and whose chorus repeats over and over Once “… give me a kiss, give me a kiss.”

In this song lies the whole key to the story.

While I was giving the last turns to the screws of the top of the television, and in a show of daring between joking and you were pointing to the kitchen I managed to say:

-If you give me one of those you have a technician at your feet for life.

-What do you mean? She said somewhat surprised.

-To that which is heard on the radio.

Glancing at the kitchen, he paid attention to what was heard on the radio while he looked at me askance, and just then the chorus was heard.

-A kiss? Do you want me to kiss you?

-Yes, I said, staring at her.

There were a few seconds of tense silence. My heart was pounding and for a moment I thought I would take it badly and throw me out of her house in disarrayed boxes, but she looked at me a little surprised and started laughing without knowing what to do.

-Just kidding, I said, trying to rectify and lower the tension a bit, but before finishing the sentence he brought his face close to mine and gave me not one, but two kisses, one on each cheek.

As he passed my face, his lips passed so close to mine that I could almost brush them. I guess I would look like an idiot. Without thinking, he brought his face closer and gave me what they now call a beak, that is, a quick and light kiss but this time on the mouth, which should have accentuated even more my expression of retarded idiot.

-It is done! Not?

I nodded visibly nervous to quickly disagree smiling. He laughed, and getting his face closer to mine he gave me three or four more quick and soft kisses, all on the lips. There was a moment of silence, He looked me in the eye and said smiling:

-I still have one. Do you want it too?

-Yes, I babbled

I watched as he licked his lips, tilted his head slightly to the side and put his mouth on mine. Time stopped. My heart was going to jump out of my chest. It wasn’t a kiss like before. It was sweet, wet and tender. This time I could savor the sweetness of her fresh saliva as her lips slowly traversed mine. Immense pleasure came over me. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want to part with that strawberry mouth, I didn’t want that to ever end. I felt the perfume of her body next to mine while I continued with the screwdriver in my hand like an asshole. I threw him on the sofa, slipped my fingers through his hair and put my hands on the nape of his neck, and holding his head I ate his lips passionately. I saw how he closed his eyes and gave himself completely. That kiss was wonderful.

We parted for a moment, and looked each other in the eyes again, and without saying a word our mouths looked anxiously again. This time with more force than before, we melted into a humid and endless kiss. I felt his tongue, juicy and sweet between her parted lips. I sucked it sweet, licked it over and over. We were literally eating each other. Suddenly she rested her head on my chest and repeated my name several times.

-What happens? I asked breathlessly.

-I happen to like you a lot and you are stupid and you don’t even realize it.

-But if you are the one who doesn’t listen to me at work !!

-That is not true. I keep looking at you because I like you, and when I see you fooling around with the other girls I get angry and jealous. If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t care who you talked to, right? What happens is that I am married and I have to be discreet.

A wave of joy ran through my soul upon hearing those words. I held her tight against me. It was all unreal, incredible. The girl with whom I was in love and with whom I could only dream a day before, was now holding her and the taste of her lips in my mouth.

I was surprised, because if it was true, and it seemed that it was, he had been a real idiot when I didn’t realize it.

-But I’m the one who’s crazy about you. Why do you think I go to work even when I have a party? To see you and be close to you.

I confessed to her that the breakdown had been resolved in 5 minutes, but that I did not plan to leave until she returned, which she celebrated with laughter and jokes.

I gave him a thousand tender kisses. On the face, in the eyes, in the hair, as he hugged her tightly again and again.

We were standing in the dining room, and while continuing to kiss her, I gradually approached the sofa. I sat on the edge and she straddled my lap. Our mouths looked for each other again anxiously and they melted once more in deep and delicious kisses. Sometimes they were furious, almost violent, other times soft, endless, and sweet, running their lips slowly over and over again. The taste of her mouth drove me crazy, and I didn’t want to separate my lips from her. We were like this mid-afternoon, just kissing each other sweetly over and over, and neither of us wanted to finish. As soon as we were apart for a moment, our mouths turned to look again. We stayed that way until we imbibed each other, losing track of time.

Slowly I laid her down on one of the sofa cushions. Again I reached impatiently for her mouth, and she mine. We bit our lips, sought his tongue, drunk on his sweet saliva as my hand slipped under her skirt and caressed her thighs. When he brushed against her sex I could feel his panting breath on my mouth and it made me go crazy. Her mouth was so sweet that I could not and did not want to separate from her, and time and again I sought her to devour those lips that I had so often dreamed of. It was like a dream, but it was really happening, and it was happening to me.

I was kissing her forehead tenderly, her face, her eyes, her neck, all of which she offered herself to me. I slid down her silky white abdomen while still stroking every inch of her skin. I unbuttoned her skirt and she was left in white panties. My hands were shaking. I was afraid to wake up from that wonderful dream. I kissed and caressed that delicate garment with my lips, noticing its throbbing sex beneath her.

I lay on my side on the floor while she remained on the sofa. I gently slid the brief and had my face between her thighs, but she closed her legs and covered her face with her hands. It seemed like she didn’t want to show the flower under that white panties yet. I whispered in her ear that she was calm, that he wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want. I went over her body again, slowly kissing her thighs, over and over. Slowly, she slowly began to spread her legs. My heart was going to jump to pieces. At the height of my face was the vision of her sex so often dreamed of. It was just wonderful, perfect, symmetrical and pink, a true work of art from nature. I smelled bath gel and a young woman. I kissed her mount of Venus, populated with soft and perfumed hair, and I went down her sex slowly, still giving her tender kisses. I thought I died. Its female scent drove me crazy.

Little by little she relaxed, and opening her thighs fully she offered me her sex. I kissed him gently a thousand times. I stuck my tongue into her vagina, slowly pulling her up to brush her clit. There was nothing ugly or dirty. It was just total delirium to lick that juicy young pussy.

Her abdomen rose and fell with each caress, with each lick. I could hear her ragged breathing and her moans of pleasure, which she was trying to stifle by putting the cushion on her face. I licked every inch of her sex slowly until I lost track of time. Her breathing sped up more and more. I don’t know how long I was sucking and licking that delicious pussy and getting drunk with its aroma. Her abdomen leaped and convulsed. She squirmed with pleasure, and when I saw the climax was near, I gently placed my lips on her clit, and began to gently massage it with my tongue and with my lips, without stopping, until she held her breath and began to wriggle between moans of pleasure as he repeated my name. A deep, long sigh came from her throat and she collapsed onto the sofa.

He tugged at my hand and brought me to his face. She gave me a tender kiss and said in my ear:

-You’re crazy, they never did this to me !!

-Yes, I’m crazy, but for you.

Her cheeks were rosy, which made her even more beautiful. She was beautiful, and her face reflected the pleasure and relaxation of the intense orgasm that I had just felt and for which I was responsible and that made me feel good. I stayed hugging her stroking her hair and immersing myself in a thousand thoughts. She was looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes. I don’t know what he would think, but I was the happiest man on earth.

I was still wearing pants, and my penis could no longer be locked up. She had felt him throb uncomfortably for some time, wanting to get out of his confinement. He was so excited that he couldn’t take it anymore.

She herself was the one who made the first gesture to undo my pants strap. I helped him. I unzipped and nervously lowered my pants and slip. The penis jumped out completely erect.

I have a big penis. It’s already said. I’m not saying it for showing off, I’m just saying it to position the reader. When she saw him, she held it with her hand and looked at me with a malicious smile. I lay back gently on her and felt the hair on her sex brush. She was trying not to be brusque, but she was very nervous.

I returned once more to find her mouth that she offered me juicy and warm, and we melted again in deep and prolonged kisses while my member brushed her wet sex. Suddenly she took it in her hand and rubbed it slowly over her vulva, up and down, leaving the glans at the entrance to her wet and wonderfully lubricated vagina.

I went to his ear and whispered:

-I’m not bringing anything. We will have to be careful. Referring to the fact that I didn’t have any kind of prophylactic

-Do not worry. Remember that I am married. Give up and enjoy as much as you can

Those words drove me crazy with lust and were more than I could bear. I was slowly sinking my penis into her sex. To the bottom. Slowly, over and over again. Enjoying it millimeter by millimeter. Again time stood still. Sometimes I would hold her by the hips and press her against me. I wanted to merge with her. It was total ecstasy. It wasn’t a quick and clumsy push-and-pull. It was slow and delicious. She closed her eyes, and received each deep penetration with a sigh of pleasure.

I was with the woman I liked the most on earth, for whom I was completely cast, who was a beauty, with whom I had dreamed for months, with whom I was in love. And he had it fully delivered in front of him. I could hardly believe it.

My hands caressed her silk thighs. He drew his penis slowly, leaving almost everything out, only to slowly sink it back down to his testicles. I would leave him there throbbing, and hold her tight against me. The fluid of her sex wet the hair on my pubis. I had to stop several times or it would end sooner than I wanted. My penis throbbed inside her and I could feel the contractions of her vagina on him. We were melting with pleasure. It was about to explode. At last, when it was impossible to hold on any longer, I stammered in her ear:

-I can not anymore! And she said between moans

-Come on!

We both abandoned each other, and my penis went in and out now out of control. Her moans of pleasure grew louder and louder and accelerated. He put the cushion on his face, contracted the abdomen and I felt strong contractions of his vagina on my penis as we both fell apart on the sofa. A torrent of indescribable pleasure ran down my spine and down to my sex, which exploded inside her several times, flooding her vagina with semen. I was twisting over her body, and she was frantically kissing my mouth to make it even more pleasurable. In the end, totally inside her, embraced and coupled into one body, we both fell exhausted on the carpet.

This story may seem like the product of a feverish mind, but it is exactly what happened on that distant afternoon in April 1977. And it happened to me. Sorry.

That same night we worked together. Our eyes, joyous and complicit, met again and again. She would never ignore me again. In fact, we continued to see each other until 1981 and gave each other hundreds of times. Until the situation became unsustainable; she had children and I started a family. But I will always remember that beautiful girl, and that afternoon in April 1977 Free Porn Videos Tube @ PornoJefe.Com

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