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When this happened that I am going to tell you, I was at that age when boys think only about sex, but at the same time, we still have shyness, shame and scruples … I was a unique son and logically lived with my parents… With my friend Paco we exchanged all kinds of fantasies… […]

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I was just thinking about continuing to open and close my legs. The heat on my face was rising, I was blushing. My skin was getting hotter and hotter. Will I be getting sick? I touch my vulva and it’s very sensitive. I pass my fingers over my white underwear which has a huge stain […]

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I was always a spoiled child, I know, maybe that’s why my mom let me do the unthinkable, the incredible, the unimaginable. It was summer and it was hot, very hot, I was in my room, soaked in sweat, and on top of that I had had a damp dream! I had dreamed of my […]

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Natasha Lyonne picked up my brother and I to spend the weekend in their chalet and be able to finalize the preparations for my twentieth birthday. The heat was unbearable but the water in the Duchess’s pool has the temperature regulated. (That’s why she’s the Duchess.) -We’ve already started with the drinks! – My brother […]

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I’ve been looking for the person who is compatible with my way of seeing sex for twenty-something years. I never found her, at least someone I considered marrying. As you can guess with more than forty I am single. Not to mention having offspring or starting a family. I like lassive, morbid, lustful, wet sex. […]

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Ada could not believe it when it happened, but now nervously she saw how it hung from her finger in her hand, the small hoop that had previously been holding the Chinese balls with which she had played, but this damn cord broke at the most inopportune moment, with her about to run, while pulling, […]

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They were other times, they were other customs, but fucking was always fucking, and incest was always incest. Benito was a Galician landowner, brown, of medium and dry stature. He had remarried Bibiana, a woman 40 years his junior. In those times, how today, the old liked to boast of manhood and having a child […]

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I was ready to take the last train of the afternoon in the direction of my grandparents’ house, I wanted to change my uniform but first I needed to find a car without so many people. The last car was a good option there was only an old man reading the newspaper in the chair […]

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It was the spring of 1977 and everything seemed to be going well. In fact everything was going well for me. He had finished his military service and was in his early twenties. I studied electronics, which I was passionate about, with books that I bought here and there, and the knowledge acquired allowed me to work in […]

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My First Squirting Experience I had heard a lot about squirting, I even saw several videos and read erotic stories in which the girls said how they came to achieve that. I even came to finish once in a way that made the bed a little wet, but for a squirt I was missing a lot. […]